How To Build Diy Industrial Pipe Shelves

Use a pencil to draw a bigger mark on the spot where you should drill the holes. This action is not necessarily if you made good marks in the previous step. However, it is better to use the pencil, as you can miss the mark, while you get the drill machinery. Usually the distance between the shelves is of about 1’/30 cm, but you can adjust it according to your needs. Learn to build your own shelves, by reading our step by step guide and pay attention to our tips.

Join the thousands of others already receiving weekly tips and tricks to create a home they love on a budget. My mission is to help you create a home you love without breaking your budget. Once you have things paired down a little bit, decide which things you want to group together and what shelf you want to place them on. Before you start throwing everything back in the closet, take a few minutes to weed out the things you don’t really need or want.

To install the shelf, start by marking the stud locations on the wall. Hold the shelf in place against the wall and transfer the stud locations onto the mounting cleat. Drill a screw-shank clearance hole through the cleat at each stud location. Hold the shelf back in position, check it for level, and then drive 3-inch screws with finishing washers through the cleat and into the studs. Cut a ¾-inch-thick x 2-inch-wide mounting cleat to fit inside the box shelf. The cleat provides an easy way to screw the shelf to the wall.

Going for the industrial rustic look in a small 3rd bath. Just completed my mirror and mason jar lights. Diana, hopefully you will check back for your answer.

If you prefer videos, check out our Instagram stories about this project. Measure at the back of the closet, the middle, and the front . It’s likely that your measurements will be slightly different from the back to the front. If they are, you’ll want to account for that when cutting your shelves.

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