Building A Floor

I painted the wood on the walls at this point. I figured it would be a lot easier than trying to do it after the shelves were in. One common question I keep getting is about the size of this space.

The DIY garage storage shelves are one of the best DIY garage shelves you’ll ever have. It makes your garage appear more organized, with every item shut behind the door. If you have children or pets running about the place, this is the best choice to avoid a domestic hazard. Your DIY garage storage shelves with door are best for a larger and bigger garage. In it, you can store heavier, larger items like camping equipment, tools, toys, and even clothes.

Begin with two pieces of plywood that are slightly larger than the finished size, in case the two boards are slightly offset after the glue dries. In that manner, the sandwiched plywood shelf can easily be trimmed on all four sides to get to the desired finished size. The 1″ x 2″ trim board can then be attached to the edges of the shelf using biscuit joinery or finish nails. Here is another 2×4 Shelving Unit by Virginia Sweet Pea that is a perfect mix between the larger units we have showed you and the small paint shelf.

We do not have a post on the under lighting at this time although it is pretty easy to install. While the shelves were drying, I worked on hanging the brackets. I found them on Etsy and they are made by SilicateStudio, and I have to say, they are extremely awesome. I went with the medium-duty version, even though I was pushing the shelf depth recommendation. The bottom shelf hasn’t fallen down yet, so I think I’m good.

Don’t tighten these down all the way, yet. You will need to be able to have a tiny bit of flexibility when you replace the front of the shelf. I call it cloning, but I have seen it on other sites referred to in other terms. It has been around probably since the dawn of tools. However, this technique of sandwiching two pieces of stock with glue between the pieces is ideal if you intend to use two layers of plywood. It’s not necessary to paint it, but the primer spray paint seals it from the environment so it doesn’t rust over time.

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