How To Build A Recessed Wall Shelf

You may even decide that there is a blank wall in your home that could use some shelving or a closet that could get redone after seeing these shelf designs. We managed to finish this project in a couple of hours, so it shouldn’t be hard to build wall shelves, if you have a plan before start working. Do not assume you will figure it out during the project, because things just don’t work like that.

You can also use glue and a pin nailer if you don’t have a pocket hole jig or if you’re looking to save some time. I like to use the pocket hole jig because it’s stronger and hides all nail/screw holes. I am in the process of getting mine hung. Love this idea been working on it a while. Once my shelves are up I plan on using your idea.

Wish you could build magazine-worthy furniture and decor without a workshop full of expensive tools? Get the Essential Tools Roadmap and find out which tools are essential to DIY and which 3 tools you should start with. First we’re talk about how to build these beautiful closet shelves, then we’ll talk about actually installing them. Want to build magazine-worthy furniture and decor? Third, we got to add more storage (and who doesn’t need more storage).

This is what the back of the shelf should look like. The gap between the top and bottom is where the bracket rods will slide in. In this picture, you also notice that there is an overhang on the front and side pieces.

Who wouldn’t love to own a tidy shelving unit where you can store your items safely? And if you want to create space underneath for very heavy items, the floating garage storage shelves are the best choice for you. This wonderful garage storage shelf allows you to maximize the storage space on your walls and fully use your garage floor space.

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