How To Build Shelves

If you use wooden shelf brackets, you can apply a water-based primer, and after that a paint at your choice. As we previously mentioned, the closet has two different walls. In this image you can see the drywall, in which we installed a special dowel, made for this material. In order to install the dowel, you need a drill with torque control and a special drill bit.

Quickly learn how to build your own garage shelves with our easy to follow guide! The process of DIY has never been more fun. With the large pieces cut, stack the cabinet sides. Measuring from the bottom edge, mark the height of the shelves.

Then I finished laying the subway tile around it. I’ve seen people mount the bracket on top of the tile, but if your project allows it, I feel like laying the tile around it is the way to go. This prevents any type of gap between the back of the shelf and your tile.

Although it could also be made with metal, this DIY floating garage storage shelf is commonly made with wood. Metal is not advisable because it will add undue pressure to your wall. Most of the shelves that we have found are for large storage items, thisPaint Storage Shelf by Create and Babblechanges things up a bit. What we love here is that this is genuinely a 2X4 shelving unit. In fact, the builder did not use any other wood than just 2×4’s. The simple design and small supply list make this a great first build if you are new to woodworking.

Also, keep in mind that if you intend to stain the shelves, the hardwood you choose will stain to a different color than the plywood. You may want to make this a design feature and accentuate the differences in the colors of the wood as you design the piece. Building bookshelves is a common home woodworking project, whether those bookshelves are utility, free-standing, or built into a wall unit as a series of cabinets. A shelf made of a single 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood or other stock may sag in the middle under the weight of the items after a period of time.

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