How To Build A Floating Shelf For Less Than $10

Attach each side support to the side walls of the closet at the appropriate height by nailing them into the studs. If you are building straightforward shelves, you also need to add wood supports along the back wall of the closet. My closet plan involves building square cubbies, but the first step is to build three simple shelves spanning the closet. A sheet of MDF cut into 14” strips– My cubbies are 14” deep but you can use whatever measurement works best for you based on your closet size. Another option is to use 12″ MDF shelf boards if you want to avoid having to rip your MDF down to the correct width. Squeeze these whitewashed floating shelves into an unused corner and load them up with succulents.

In this article, we’ll share the pros and cons of the top termite killers on the market. Run all the cords and wires, and then size and install the center panel and television mount. With all the major assembly work complete, give them a few coats of paint. Could you go into more detail on how you created the thick shelf look?

To compensate for that door, I decided to end the shelving before it was close enough to interfer with the entrance . I will be adding a setback storage space in the empty space next to the door . This area will soon become a mudroom type area and will house a bench and some sort of wall storage. What size was the space after you framed it? I have a very similarly sized “closet” that the former owners were using as a stacking laundry closet that I want to turn in to a pantry. Trying to visualize and love your shelves but I think our space may be less wide and deeper.

As we are decluttering, we are seeing where we need shelving solutions. Now sometimes we know that DIY projects can be too much to take on. Here are a few shelves that we would consider purchasing now instead of making them. Another great Ikea shelving hack that will inspire you to be creative today.

I didn’t stain my shelf yet because I am in the process of redoing our mudroom . I am waiting to see how the other areas of the mudroom end up so I can stain the floating shelves to fit the space. At this point, I am planning on using a Minwax dark walnutstain, but that could change as the project evolves. Attach the front and sides of the shelf to the bottom of the shelf using wood glue and a pocket hole jig.

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