How To Build Garage Storage Shelves By Yourself!

Use these handy tools to screw wooden cleats to the wall, and then screw the shelves to the cleats. Screws tighten better than nails and you can reverse them if you miss. If you’re unsure about splitting anything, predrill before you add a screw.

A level is not necessary for this step, but you should visually make sure that the tops of each 2×4 lines up with the one it is attached to. For the support braces, I cut mine to 21″. This is the measurement that you will need if you are making your shelves 24″ deep. You will need to cut one support for each end of the shelves.

Begin to screw in your studs into the wall. Attach a 2×4 against the studs on the wall, to your required shelving length. Use a level to make sure you attach the 2×4 correctly. I advise that you use an 8,12,20 shelve length to maximize wood and space. The major difficulty many persons encounter in this project is getting the base square, level, and straight before screwing it into the wall. If your wall is straight, you just have to Lag-screw the frame to the studs.

This is another great garage shelving idea. Although it requires some level of creativity to set up, it’s quite inexpensive and more durable. Wire shelves are an excellent option for storing items like gallons, paint cans, and watering cans.

The versatility of a table saw when cutting shelf materials is worthwhile, and it comes in handy if you plan on doing other projects around the home. Table saws can trim shelves better than miter saws, and they can handle large pieces or sheets of wood effortlessly. Attach three 21″ pieces to the 8 foot 2 x 4 using 3″ screws. I used a stud finder to find and mark the studs in the wall. This is very important so your shelves can support the weight of plates, bowls, and other kitchen items. Using a long wood screw and drill, I secured the bracket in place.

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